13 juli 2023

Circusweb starts crowdfunding. Help and donate! (English)

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Read more and donate through this direct page: go here to the crowdfunding.

In early 2023, Frens te Kiefte took over the platform ‘Circusweb.nl.’ After more than twenty years, Circusweb is now in need of a new website. The support of readers, interested individuals, and sympathizers is of ENORMOUS importance for this special project. A crowdfunding campaign is now available for this purpose.

For over two decades, readers have enjoyed free information on Circusweb. And for once, the platform is asking for help by making a donation and later enjoying a new website with even more information!

Contents of this page:

Donations can be made on the ‘Voordekunst’ platform.
Click here to go to the crowdfunding.
Please note: ‘Voordekunst’ is a Dutch website. However, you can switch to English by clicking on the globe icon at the top right corner of the website.

The rewards for donations do not change when switching to English. Please read the content of the amounts with a corresponding reward on this Circusweb page under the topic ‘3- REWARDS.’

Circusweb editor Frens te Kiefte explains: “Over the past twenty years, my predecessors Gera de Leeuw and Jan Plug have created a solid platform with a wide reach. They have done a fantastic job. It is no coincidence that the website is approaching three million visitors… However, the website is in need of a major update as it no longer meets modern standards.

An update is necessary to provide better coverage of circus in the Netherlands and Europe. The highly visited Circusweb aims to be even more meaningful for circus entrepreneurs, organizers, and artists.

Additionally, I want to offer strong circus journalism through Circusweb. In tents, theaters, on the streets, at festivals, and in circus schools. From classical circus to modern circus and from street theater to mega-events. Circus is a broad genre. There is so much happening, and there are endless stories to tell.

Circusweb shares news updates, but there is so much more potential to offer interesting content for current and new readers. This includes columns by guest columnists, more interviews, more investigative articles, more reviews, and more photo reports. In Dutch, but also in English and German on the new website.

Over the past six months, I have developed many ideas that are now ready to be put into action. The genre of ‘circus’ deserves its own up-to-date online platform, and I am committed to making that happen.”

The cost of a new website
The technical backend and the visible frontend of Circusweb.nl no longer meet the requirements of 2023.

Frens explains: “I have some experience in website building myself. However, what makes a new website quite complex is that Circusweb.nl has a large archive that needs to be preserved because it makes the website relevant.

Transferring that content is something I don’t have sufficient knowledge about. Furthermore, the new website will include an extensive agenda tool, allowing circuses to showcase themselves and consumers to search for events happening near them.

Overall, it presents a technical challenge. I want it to be done well and professionally to launch the most powerful renewed platform possible.” A new website, including modern requirements and a new visual identity/design, will cost a total of €7,000.

Three professionals will handle this work: a logo designer, a designer who will translate it into a complete (online) visual identity, and a web developer who will build the entire website.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?
Readers have been enjoying free information for over twenty years, and it has been worked on with a lot of love. Now, I would like to ask all readers and interested individuals: will you help make the new website a reality?

Together, we can make a difference in the circus field and allow readers to enjoy a variety of free content for years to come!

Donations can be made:

Without a reward
Through ‘Voordekunst’ – the crowdfunding platform for the creative sector – you can make a safe and trusted donation.

Donations start at €10 (up to a larger amount of your choice) without receiving a reward.

With a reward
There are also donation amounts that come with a reward. The following amounts include corresponding reward gifts:

€25 | Card Triptych A collector’s item!
Jan-Willem te Kiefte created unique drawings of clown legends Grock, Charlie Rivel, and Oleg Popov. Specifically, for the Circusweb crowdfunding campaign, these drawings are now bundled into three separate cards.

€50 | Poster
A beautifully designed poster in a large format! A unique poster print, created by Jan-Willem and Mathijs te Kiefte, where ’traditional’ and ‘modern’ meet. A true collector’s item!

€75 | Card Triptych + Poster
Three uniquely designed cards and the beautifully designed poster, created by Jan-Willem and Mathijs te Kiefte.

€100 | Donor Name on the Website
The donor’s name will be featured on the donors’ page on Circusweb’s new website.

€250 | Show + Backstage Tour
With this valuable donation, you will receive 2 tickets for the 2023 Christmas Circus Ahoy in Rotterdam, including a unique behind-the-scenes tour!

€500 | EITHER 5 VIP Events OR Logo Mention
As a thank you for this fantastic donation:
EITHER: A logo mention on Circusweb.nl for a one-year period.
OR: A fantastic package of 10 admission tickets, which includes the following:

  • 2 tickets for the Circusstad Gala in May 2024 in Rotterdam.
  • 2 tickets + backstage tour at Circus-Theater Roncalli (in a city of your choice in Germany).
  • 2 tickets for a hosted afternoon/evening at the winter production of Circus Zanzara in Amsterdam.
  • 2 tickets for the show ‘MUSE’ by the Canadian circus company Flip Fabrique, performing an exclusive show at De Tamboer in Hoogeveen.
  • 2 tickets for a performance at the Circus Festival in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

Read more and donate through this page.